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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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cancer free and wants to become an oncologist to help other patients with cancer. that's it for tonight's p, fair, balanced, unafraid >> good to see you, have a great memorial day weekend. breaking tonight, president trump drawing a line in the sand over the seemingly endless investigations by democrats. >> you can go down the investigation track, or the investment track, or the track of let's get things done for the american people. i love the american people. >> he may have good reason to be fired up, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, the acting homeland security secretary was testifying that congress' failure to act on key issues you care about is having an impact on all of us. telling leaders in congress he
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is basically running out of money to deal with the crisis at the border. >> without these resources and authorities, the situation will remain untenable. while dhs will do all it can to operate the crisis, everyday congress does not act but more life at risk. >> just minutes ago, we learned the pentagon is weighing sending several thousand u.s. troops to the middle east, amid ongoing tensions with iran. those are some of the big issues the american people would be confronted if they gave the democrats power in the house. and some other issues they are working on with the president, rebuilding america's crumbling roads, bridges, and airports. speaker pelosi who is telling democrats go slow on impeachment, but on the other hand, dump gasoline on the fire.
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>> we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. >> ed: maybe not the best way to start a negotiation with the president, so he marched out, marched over to the rose garden and made his case directly to the american people. >> i walked into the room and i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure, i want to do it more than you want to do it, and i would be really good at that. that is what i do. but you know what? you can't do it under these circumstances, so get these phony investigations over with. >> ed: the democratic leaders are continuing to let the investigations go forward. >> to watch what happens in the
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white house would make your jaw dropped. >> i pray for the president of the united states, and i pray to the united states of america. >> ed: lost in all the finger-pointing is this fact: democrats are learning they are getting even more information from the justice department. remember, the department agreed to turn over some of the underlying intel from the mueller probe, on top of the over 400 pages of information the attorney general turnover weeks ago. yet at the subpoenas keep flying and how even democrats on the state level or getting in on the act. lawmakers in new york today gave their final approval to a bill would enable officials to turn the president's state tax returns over to congress. just a few months ago, democrats were progressing they would reach across the island get some work done. in fact, here is one democrat, newly elected, congresswoman katie hill talking in january to martha about the border. congresswoman hill said that she wanted to get some things done. now she is saying the president
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committed impeachable offenses. she is here to explain all that in a few moments, but for now, the top republican who has been investigating the investigators who started the russia probe. good to see appear >> good to see you. >> ed: a few moments ago, one of the leaders on the democratic side said there is not a majority for impeachment in the house. what is the point of all this? >> the point is they have a base to feed and that basic to feed is rapidly saying they want to impeach the president. but they've got a problem. the problem is that the mueller came back, there was no collusion, no obstruction, and a look at an economy that is booming, president and control, and they have to feed two two a different basis. one says it destroy the president, one says we don't want this, our voters don't want this and they want to move slowly. they lose on the politics, they lose on the facts and now the american people are the ones losing in the end because they are not doing anything with the
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majority they have in the house. >> ed: jordan was on "the view" calling you out and republican leaders and saying that you are not standing up for this president and you should go to jail. >> nixon said i was in the wrong period of history. he would've gotten away with everything, just like this corrupt president is getting away with. this is an unbelievable corrupt president, corrupt administration, and the republican party is right behind him. they all should be thrown into jail as far as i'm concerned. >> ed: how do you react to that when your colleague is saying there should be impeachment? >> it's really interesting to be talked to who probably has not read the mueller report, and also look at it from the perspective of she had her mind made up a long time ago. she didn't like the president, she didn't like the candidate, so now she's telling us of the president doing exactly what he said he was going to do, to work
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with the economy, to work with the house in the last two years to bring down regulations, bring down businesses so they could actually do their job. again, this rhetoric, frankly, americans are tired of. if they are tired of hearing from talk show host who spout off about what they believe in instead of talking about what is happening. >> ed: congressman, let me press you on that point because the good things you say the president has done, like create jobs. shouldn't he be focused on creating more jobs customer health care and infrastructure was supposed to be the topic today. he wants to get the canada free-trade job done. how does it work for your case if he walks out of a meeting with the democrats? >> it's a very interesting, why would the blame be put on the president when you have the speaker of the house accusing him of basically a crime today before she ever get there? the president is like anyone else. he wants to do business, he wants to try, but when you have people kicking sand in his face or accusing him of a crime he is
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going to react. this president is passionate about the american people, passionate about doing infrastructure, and what we've seen so far, the democrats, especially the speaker, is passionate about keeping her job and that is just the wrong idea. if they want to see him defeated in 2020, they shouldn't have an agenda here in the house. >> ed: i want to close on something you've been passionate about, investigating the investigators. you have released another transcript of these closed-door interviews in the last 24 hours. loretta lynch, the uniform or a balmy attorney general, she basically says that james comey is not telling the truth, she did not tell her about the clinton dossier. did he lie under oath? >> he's got a lot to answer for and he has been trying to go around telling everybody that he is okay in his version is right. when this stuff comes out, for this matter, james comey's 50 minutes are up. it is time for the people to see exactly what is going on.
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he was working against this president from day one and is trying to cover his tracks because what is happening is we released transcripts, more comes out as the attorney general looks into how this got started, jim comey's version of captain america is going to be very embarrassing. >> ed: is this part of the reason we are seeing more subpoenas from house democrats? they are nervous about what bill barr knows about what happened? >> i think their time is running out. i think what they are finding is the mueller report is just the first of this and how those of us who have been investigating what happens here as the inspector general report comes out later, they are going to find out that there is a lot more at play here and there was actually a concerted effort at candidate trump to derail his presidency. >> ed: congressman, we appreciate you coming in from the republican side. for the democratic side, democratic congresswoman katie hill. congresswoman, i appreciate you coming back. can i please start on what your
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colleague was talking about? i saw you sent out a tweet today about accountability in terms of the president. do you think there should be accountability for james comey, may be john brennan and others about how this whole investigation started? >> look, i'm more concerned about the person who is in power right now, and the person who is impeding us on being able to work on the agenda we actually agree on. we agree that we need to work on infrastructure, we agree we should reduce the cost of prescription drugs. the past is the past. i wasn't here for that -- >> ed: i'm going to get to all those issues but hang on. you announced today about accountability for those in power. if the fbi chief in james comey and john brennan, if they lied to the phi the court about the evidence they had to start the investigation, that doesn't matter to you? >> i'm not going to say it doesn't matter, it's just not the issue i am focused on right now. i think that this is being used as a distraction over what is going on right now.
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i mean, the president and his allies have been masterful at finding something to redirect our attention and this is exactly what we are seeing right now. >> ed: let's get to the specific tweet, i want to read what you sent out today. you said "i was sent here to fight for accountability and the commander in chief can even put rose over covering his own ass. we could be progressing on issues we agree on but don't forget that the president is holding the cost of your prescription drugs and clean water over your head." how do you defend that? >> i don't think there is anything to defend, i think that is 100% accurate. he is so hell-bent on refusing to get information out to the public that he is even unwilling to deal with us on the issues that we are so close to being able to work together on. i didn't want to come here to focus on impeachment at all, honestly. none of this is the stuff i was sent here to work on. i was sent here to work on the cost of health care, i was sent here to work on infrastructure,
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housing costs, and on bringing transparency and accountability to washington. >> ed: why is he now saying the president committed impeachable offenses? >> because i read the 448 pages of the mueller report and i think it is perfectly laid out and that is on top of the issues i have independently witnessed, not only do the time i've spent here in washington but through the behaviors we've all been able to see. >> ed: you said in your tweets, and now here, that is essentially been covering up information. what did he cover up with dom again when the president himself allowed don mcgann -- he didn't allow him to testify to congress, but he talked to mueller for 48 hours. how is that a cover-up? >> he realizes he made a mistake by letting don mcgann speak to mueller. if you actually read the 448 page report, you see over and over and over again that don mcgann's testimony was completely and that is why he doesn't want him to
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testify to congress. he is making a very calculated bet that people don't read the report, and they haven't. that is why they were able to put a very effective spin on the narrow rate narrative that oh, yeah, there was no collusion. but in the report, what was said is that it is completely obstruction of justice without any doubt. i think that is exactly why you were seeing him not want to have don mcgann show up. >> ed: i promise to get to some of those issues, so how do you get to infrastructure and dealing with immigration, which you promised martha back in january. he wanted to get an immigration deal if you might spend the next six month or year on impeachment? >> first of all, i don't think the two -- let me put one thing aside. i don't want to spend the next year on impeachment. none of us do. we want to spend the next year, two years, focusing on those more important issues. the issue is that we can't set aside our constitutional obligation of holding the president accountable.
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unfortunately, that's the oath we took a whether we like it or not. whether it's convenient or not, and in this case it is very much inconvenient, and the president knows it. that is why he wants to force us into the impeachment process. but i have to live with myself at the end of the day, and whether or not i am doing my job. the american people elected me to do that job. we are going to work on these issues, i think it is incredibly unfortunate that the president is frankly holding those issues hostage because he does not want the information about himself to be exposed. but we are going to continue to push for it and hopefully the american people will -- >> ed: one last thing, didn't make sense for your leader, the speaker, right before this meeting to accuse the president of a cover-up? >> listen, a cover-up is a cover-up. i think it is a statement of fact. if you want to talk about tax, i think we are well beyond that point with any of the parties that are involved. we've got issues on both sides there --
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>> ed: congresswoman come appreciate you coming in. also here tonight, fox news senior judicial analyst. she says flatly, there is a cover-up. >> look, both sides have dug their heels in. the president says he is not going to do business with them until he stops the investigations and congresswoman hale is a moderate democrat, not out fire breather like aoc and the other crowd that is pressuring speaker pelosi saying, we are a coequal branch of the government and you can't hold the government hostage and we are going to conduct these investigations because we think there is a there there. what do i wish? i wish mrs. speaker pelosi hadn't thrown gas on the fire and i wish the president had said let's put the investigation aside for a few hours and let's work on the project at hand. some things are going to happen, pretty soon the government is going to run out of their ability to borrow money and they are going to have to shut the government down again or raise the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling cannot be
4:15 pm
raised without a majority vote without the president's signature, so at some point, events and the law will force the president to work with those two people away from whom he walked today, no matter what they are trying to do to him. >> ed: i don't want to forget, new york state, what is happening with these lawmakers. they want to get the president's tax returns. i thought that was confidential information. >> is a statute is based on hatred or if a statute targets a specific goal individual, as of someone in new york apparently does. it's not a statute because it hasn't been signed by the governor says he is going to sign it, but that the government must meet a statute of challenges is very, very high. they must show they have a compelling interest in revealing taxpayer trump's tax returns to congress. it is almost inconceivable but that compelling interest would be. they know the law, they have good lawyers. >> ed: i'm sure the lawyers will challenge this. >> and i'm sure the president
4:16 pm
will prevail. >> ed: we have one minute, let's put this on the table, you have been critical of the president, people know that. the democrat we just had on, katie hill, critical of the president appeared are republicans saying they believe there have been impeachable offenses. if all that is true, why didn't robert mueller say it? he had two years to investigate it and lay it out? >> i'm scratching my head on that one. the basic reason is he works for bill barr, the attorney general, who would not let him present this to a grand jury. number one, the attorney general has a unique, what we call a minority view of the obstruction of justice statute, which is if you are factually innocent of the basis of the investigation, you can't possibly obstruct that investigation. the rest of the doj doesn't accept that, but bill barr does appear to the other is bill barr's view is that a sitting president of the united states can't be indicted.
4:17 pm
if it were entirely up to mueller and his group, the indictments would've been voted on and sealed until the president leaves office. >> ed: always a pleasure. >> you and i are going to be together on that boat. it's not about, its ownership. >> ed: yes, we will be there for "fox & friends." we will mention that later. just when you thought of michael avenatti's legal troubles couldn't get any worse, federal prosecutors charging with stealing the identity of a former client for yes, financial gain. the client is believed to be none other than stormy daniels. you can't make this up. he simply unbelievable details on this story next. >> of course i'm nervous. i'm nervous, i'm scared, i am all those things. and if i wasn't, it wouldn't make sense. ...on a john deere 1 series tractor..
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>> you don't want to say one way or another if you have text messages or other items? >> my attorney has recommended i don't discuss those things. >> you seem to be saying that she has some sort of text message or video or photograph -- or you could just be bluffing. >> you should ask some of the other people in my career whether they would bet on me bluffing. >> ed: michael avenatti made a name for himself by representing adult film star stormy daniels and her lawsuit against the president. now he himself is facing charges for allegedly stealing almost $300,000 from her. correspondent jacqui heinrich has details on this story tonight. >> federal prosecutors say michael avenatti it took money that was supposed to go to stormy daniels for her book deal, faking documents behind her back and lied about where
4:23 pm
the money was. stormy daniels was due to receive $800,000 for her memoir, "full disclosure," a tell-all about her affair with president trump. the money was supposed to go to daniels' agent, but michael avenatti told the agent to send the money into his account. those instructions complete with what appeared to be daniels' signature. he allegedly stole three and a thousand dollars of daniels' money, spend it on lease payments, hotels and restaurant restaurants. daniels asked avenatti where her late money was, saying i am sending the publisher he certified letter, then i may posted online for fun. prosecutors say offer avenattit to tell her age and because they would need to sue for the payment. he suggested the fines hadn't come in because of poor book
4:24 pm
sales. he told fox news, and no time was any money misappropriated or mishandled. i will be fully exonerated once the relevant emails, contracts, text messages, and documents are presented. he is looking at 16 years behind bars for wire fraud, conspiracy, and extortion for this case. he is facing a total of 42 counts in new york and california for allegedly stealing millions of dollars from his clients, as well as a tax fraud. if he is convicted on all 42 counts, avenatti faces the maximum possible sentence of 400 years in prison. >> ed: thank you. here now, howie kurtz, good evening. >> good to see. >> 404 years potentially in prison. everyone, including michael avenatti is innocent until proven guilty. but it seems like some measure of justice perhaps that someone who wrote the stormy daniels
4:25 pm
case to fame may see him down. >> it is just so fitting that michael avenatti, who was turned by the media into this cable news superstar, and entertained serious delusions of being in the white house himself should now find himself accused of stealing all this money that was meant for the porn star. he is time to the presumption of innocence, but they are now almost as many charges against this camera hunky clown is there are democratic presidential candidates. it's kind of head spinning, the scorecards. >> ed: it's fitting you mention 2020, because cnn and a whole bunch of other people in the media had mentioned michael avenatti just a few months ago, and they called him a "contender." they took it seriously, the possibility he might run. donald trump jr. tweeting about that, saying, wait, with these new charges, are you saying he is no longer leading the field of 2020 democratic hopefuls? i remember when cnn and msnbc
4:26 pm
had pretty much anointed him with the front runner. front runner may be a stretch but he was puffed up there as a potential contender. speak of the first thing that cnn and msnbc did was put him on day after day, sometimes multiple times a day when he was out there pushing the stormy daniels case, her allegations of contact with president trump. when he says, i'm going to iowa to explore a run for presidency, by the way, any time he was on they would run a video of stormy over him for obvious reasons. i think the media has a lot to answer for here, he was on colbert, he was on "the view." now we know that dominic wyatt stormy daniels cut her ties with her former lawyer. >> ed: appointed on cnn was saying at one point, i think you are a serious contender because
4:27 pm
of your presence on the media. so they put him on in an endless loop, created him as a pond and, if you will, then said because you are such a big pundit, because you have such a presence, you are on cable tv so much, you might actually run for president. >> the media were avenatti's enabler and they loved his message. a atomic attacking trump, and all this stuff. a new "vanity fair" piece quotes an ex-girlfriend on the record saying he physically and emotionally abused her, he denies that, but also telling her, this ex-girlfriend, that she shouldn't take a waitress job because she could be a future first lady if she stayed with him. but you know what the worst thing the media did he request market was during the brett kavanaugh hearings and michael avenatti represented the third accuser. completely unsubstantiated, yet
4:28 pm
some media news outlets gave him a platform for his empty promises. >> ed: a last point you mention, "vanity fair," in the article avenatti says, someone argued that i flew too close to the sun. as i sit here today, yes, absolutely, i know i did, no question. talking about greek mythology, last point. >> the last point is he in a couple of public statements has said that he is being targeted because of the fame, these are different grand juries in different places, charging him with a very different crimes, but you know, flew too close to the sun, that is a pretty good cover. >> ed: we will see whether there is any media accountability. thank you for coming in. up next, nevada becomes the latest state to move in the opposite direction of alabama's strict abortion ban. >> we are going to continue to fight for our right to choose,
4:29 pm
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> i asked the girls of the group and said, how many of you girls think government should be telling us when and if we want to have babies? not a single one of them raised their hands. >> ed: the abortion divide deepening across the country as
4:34 pm
dozens of states race to pass polarizing legislation. where lawmakers are moving in the opposite direction of alabama's strict band by advancing a bill that would loosen restrictions for the procedure. the bill would remove a law that requires written consent from the woman, remove the requirement that doctors explain the physical and emotions implications of the procedure and make self induced abortions illegal. fox news contributor juan williams, fox news political analyst and cohost of "the five," good to see you both. how do you respond to the senator, last i remember she was saying men should sit down and shut up, i guess. and now she said that eighth grade boys didn't raise their hands about abortion. >> you can just see how extreme they are all getting on this position. it wasn't long ago they used to say abortion is between a woman and her doctor. now they want to remove the doctor. what this will do, the self-induced abortions, means women are going to be -- and
4:35 pm
young girls -- it's not hard to imagine what it's going to be happening. they are going to be having abortions alone without medical care. this provision also potentially victimizes girls. it says you know longer have to record the age of the girl seeking an abortion, which as we know, sex traffickers, child sexual assault, that is how we catch them. they bring these young girls who have been impregnated into abortion clinics and one way we catch them is the age of consent. this bill is called -- i just want to say, the bill is called trust nevada women act. if you trust women, then you have to trust them with information from a doctor of what the consequences are, emotional and physical. if you ask me, information is power. >> ed: democrats made a lot of hay about saying alabama, missouri, some of the state laws that were pushed more on the pro-life side went too far to the right.
4:36 pm
is nevada now going too far to the left? >> not that i can see. i think it does come down to trusting women, trusting their doctors. what you have a situation where, with the two new additions to the supreme court, i think people at the extremes of the pro-life side, like those in the alabama legislature -- all men, by the way -- are making an effort right now -- >> ed: but a female legislator signed it into law. >> right, but what you have is they are pushing this to get this to the supreme court on the hope they can repeal roe v. wade. but again, most americans, it's pretty clear, want abortion rights for women in this country. but people on the pro-life side or having arguments among themselves. president trump, pat robertson, the evangelical leader, even the leaders in the congress, kevin mccarthy, and others saying alabama went too far. that's where the real motion is. nevada is an outlier.
4:37 pm
>> ed: i want you to react, but first i want you to hear this. one of the democratic 2020 contenders, kirsten gillibrand, had this to say about taxpayer funding. watch. >> what would you say to taxpayers out there who say, i support everyone having their own freedoms, but when it comes to my tax dollars, abortion isn't something i want to support? >> you know, we have a tenant in our constitution called a separation of and state. i do not believe that is a valid argument. >> ed: she doesn't think it's a valid argument. >> again, you are seeing how the left is moving further and further into a radical position because they feel up against the walls because technology and science is on the side of pro-lifers. a lot of what they are trying to do is say that donald trump and republicans right now in office are dividing our country on abortion. our country has been divided toe resolved is roe v. wade is going
4:38 pm
to be overturned. it's going to go back to the states because this issue is as fundamental as an issue was back in the middle of the 1800s called slavery. this is an issue about who gets to decide who is human enough so they can do whatever they want with that person, or the person they are saying is not a person. this is such a fundamental human rights issue, the pro-choicers and know they are losing, the momentum is on the side of the pro-lifers, the scientists, too. the only reason this will resolved is by overturning roe v. wade. >> ed: you have written that this is the civil rights issue of our time here >> to go back to the slavery analogy that rachel just use, i would think t is about having people being able to speak for themselves. if someone had asked, do you want to be enslaved? they would've said no. if you are asking a woman, a mother, in most cases you have women who have abortions already have children. they are making a decision.
4:39 pm
hang on, hold on. one out of every four american women, and oftentimes it is a function of family planning, family circumstance, rare in terms of the last trimester. what we are talking about here is protecting rights. if had rights, believe me, they wouldn't have been slaves. >> the victim was the slave, and now the victim is the unborn child. by the way, there are also people who were against slavery who said i am personally against slavery but i'm not going to tell other people what to do. we have heard that argument in the case of abortion as well. i think the humanity of the fetus is being proven everyday by science and technology, and people on your side of the issue look a lot like science deniers. >> ed: passionate arguments
4:40 pm
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♪ >> ed: disturbing new details tonight in connection with the colorado stem school shooting earlier this month. the father of one of the two suspects is an illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal past. our correspondent trace gallagher is live from our west coast newsroom. >> good evening. alan mckinney is being charged as an adult. he is transgender and identifies as a male bud court records say his name is listed still as maia. his father is 33-year-old jose, a convicted felon who was or is in the country illegally. i say was or is because we don't know his whereabouts. isa says that between 2010 and
4:45 pm
2018, he was deported three times. he would've been deported sooner, but starting in 2009, he spent 15 months in prison for threatening mckinney's mother with a deadly weapon. she testified that he had been traveling illegally between colorado and mexico. his criminal history also includes kidnapping. i note that "an alien who reenters the united states after having been previously deported commits a felony if convicted. we know he was repeatedly called for entering the u.s. but for some reason, he was never charged. it is also unusual that in the case of the stem school shootin shooting, the judge decided to seal the documents, even though prosecutors wanted them public and the judge failed to show any cause or compelling need for secrecy. bullying is being looked at as a
4:46 pm
motive for the school shooting, but not the only motive. at least one of the suspects had been in therapy and had a history of legal and illegal drug use. 18-year-old kendra castille was killed in the shooting trying to tackle one of the suspects. >> ed: thank you. more than 20 democrats are vying for the 2020 presidential nomination but only one holds the title as least likely. we reveal that name next. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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♪ >> ed: new york city mayor and 2020 democratic hopeful launching his campaign less than a week ago. he has already taken the lead in one poll. he is by far the least liked candidate, with 35% of democratic primary voters viewing him unfavorably. he is followed by bernie sanders with an unfavorable rating of 20%. here is how bill de blasio responded earlier today. >> it's not where you start, it's where you end. this is the very beginning of an election. >> ed: joining me now, opinion editor for "the washington times," fox news contributor, former advisor to the bill and hillary clinton's advisor. trying to decide whether that poll could've been a national poll, or taken right here in
4:51 pm
new york city. >> it's incredible. he is not particularly popular at home or across the country, but this is the situation the democrats find themselves in. i do not dispute there is a lot of anger toward the donald trump out there among democratic voters, and there's a lot of hatred for donald trump. but the problem for democrats as they can't beat them with nothing, they still have to come up with a candidate and when you have a field of twentysomething candidates, a guy like bill de blasio in a deep blue place like new york city looks around and says, hey, 20 some people are running, why don't i run? even though, under any sort of normal situation, a guy like bill de blasio would never try to run. >> ed: a lot of people get in, they don't have a chance but they give it a try. if joe biden is such a strong front runner, why do people still keep getting in from the montana governor, to bill de blasio, whether they have a big chance or not? >> i think for somebody like bill de blasio commode it shows it is you don't get a free
4:52 pm
pass just because you decide to get in because he is going to be heard by virtue of being such a measly number in these polls. i think it is a signal to people in future elections, you can't just waltz in and say i will run, too. i think the fact is that biden is running better than even joe biden thought he could be at this point. but what the poll showed is that trump is at historically poor numbers. he is at 54% in may, the year before the election, saying they will absolutely not vote for him. that is 16 points in more than anybody, going back to jimmy carter, at this point in the race for the year before the election saying they wouldn't vote for somebody. one final thing, the people that were polled, even the people who said they were doing better economically for themselves, or that the economy was doing better, a third of those people say they won't vote for trump. not saying he can't win, but he's got work to do. >> ed: we heard a lot of those
4:53 pm
same arguments made about trump in 2016 and he won anyway. >> absolutely and i am suspicious of polls this early anyway. but particularly suspicious with a guy like donald trump, it is kind of impossible to get a real good feel, as we saw in 2016, but even if democrats do wind up with the safe bet of joe biden, who is of course changing the position and over to fit this more leftist primary democratic voting base now, you've still got the problem of donald trump, who is still, at least a newcomer to washington. joe biden has been around washington for almost a half-century. he has been part of the problem for nearly 50 years and he hasn't fixed anything and he is run for president for many times. i am very suspicious that joe biden, in the long run, winds up being a wise choice for democrats anyway. >> ed: i will let richard respond to the abolition of this first, lindsey graham was saying this about joe biden. "i love joe biden, i think he has been wrong on most everything."
4:54 pm
look, he is a republican who supports president trump, but on the other hand, it reminds me of bob gates, who served a whole bunch of administrations, including barack obama's administration, who he said he thought joe biden was wrong about everything a major foreign policy issue of the last generation or so. >> first of all, ronald reagan won on his third try so it wouldn't be unprecedented for biden to win on his third try. people like lindsey graham adore him and they don't agree with him on a lot of things. certainly the republican senators, but it speaks to his humanity. there aren't a lot of people who are republican senators who say, i love donald trump. they are with him, but they don't respect him or love him. they may be fear him. >> ed: well, there are some people who love -- people quote all the time, "critics." speak on talking about senatorsd
4:55 pm
personal with him. this is not to disparage lindsey graham or donald trump. this is just to say that biden has engendered a certain affection because he has served people honorably, even if they don't agree with what he says. >> because -- they were in the swamp with him! for a long time, they exchanged christmas cards going back a long ways, so, a few people in washington like donald trump and a few people out side of washington like donald trump because he is not from that, and he is here to kick things over and make real changes. people like joe biden have been sitting around for 50 years not doing anything about. >> ed: last word from you, richard. it's because a challenge for trump, with the economy doing as well as it is, he is at 30% job approval. >> ed: i appreciate you both. more to the story next. so, i started with the stats regarding my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
4:56 pm
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according to america's biggest test. now with 5g evolution. the first step to 5g. more for your thing. that's our thing. we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures. >> ed: that's "the story" on this wednesday night, i will see
5:00 pm
you tomorrow morning for a special edition of the uss new york. we gear up for more than weekend right on "fox & friends bear and martha will be back tomorrow night. until then, tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." things are moving fast, but think back, if you still can, to ten years, ten years ago. what were democrats saying about abortion at that time? a decade ago? well, they said they believed in roe v. wade, they said abortion is never preferable, but it ought to be legal for the first trimester of pregnancy. they were not, they often told us, pro-abortion, they were pro-choice. a lot of voters, by the way, agreed with them. you might not like it, but according to the polls, that was a mainstream position. that is not where democratic leaders are today. the parties new position


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